Seabelo Award


Administration of Seabelo Award

Presented to a teacher and their class for collective outstanding academic performance.



School head


More focus is usually given to top students solely and thus awarded handsomely. This award is different since it includes all students in the classroom and encourages the whole class to bring up those left behind in order to achieve collective excellence. Inclusion is necessary for overall outstanding performance and the best teachers foster this concept.

"To the student: you succeed when all of you show progress. Those who are far ahead must help those who are left behind. Those who are left behind must earnestly seek help from those who are far ahead. To the class: you succeed when all of you show progress. Support each other. To the teacher: you succeed when all of your students show progress. Reward good performance and nurture those left behind. To the Head of Department: you succeed when your department shows progress. Appreciate the high achievers and foster those left behind. To the principal: you succeed when the whole school shows progress over the years.

Celebrate the shining stars who glorify the school. Support those who are left behind and show them the way. To the parents and guardians: you succeed when your children show progress. Converse with the teacher when your child excels. Converse with the teacher when your child fails. To the whole school: you succeed when you collectively exhibit progress from year to year. Grade yourself by the previous performance and leave no one behind in the journey to success."


Congratulations to the
Seabelo Award Recipients! 2022

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